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Heirloom Collection - Black/Rhinestone {M/L}

Heirloom Collection - Black/Rhinestone {M/L}

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This worn black leather measures 1 1/4" and is accented with a vintage brooch element.


This cuff is PRE-DESIGNED in a size medium/large.  (See below for sizing info)  There can be no changes or modifications to this cuff.  If you'd like to place an order for a custom cuff, just click here to shop our leather!


To help ensure the best fit possible, our cuffs come in two ADJUSTABLE sizes.  Click here to read more about our sizing process.  The extra small/small size will fit most wrists.

Designs with vintage jewelry accents:

Please note that the vintage brooches I attach are VINTAGE.  I make every effort to ensure the pieces I use are free from missing stones, loose stones, etc., but I am unable to make any guarantees regarding the reliability of the brooches given their age.