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Heirloom Collection - Cuff (M/L)

Heirloom Collection - Cuff (M/L)

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Width: 1 1/8"

This cuff features a vintage jewelry finding and a brass plate stamped 'blessed mama'. Leather is smooth black with lace accent.

This cuff is PRE-DESIGNED in a size Medium/Large and there can't be any changes made to the size.  Please see sizing here for more details on sizing. 


Care Instructions and note about repurposed leather cuffs:

It is not recommended that you get your leather cuff wet.  Results are unpredictable when your cuff is exposed to moisture. Expect your cuff to be UNIQUE. There will likely be marks and scratches on the leather indicating it’s wear. I will make every effort to take a picture that accurately represents the actual look and color of the leather but the picture may vary slightly.

Cuffs with vintage jewelry accents:  I stitch each jewelry piece on to the leather cuff for a more secure fit.  Please note that the vintage brooches I attach are VINTAGE.  I make every effort to ensure the pieces I use are free from missing stones, loose stones, etc., but I am unable to make any guarantees regarding the reliability of the brooches given their age.