Memory Cuffs

Are you looking for something to wear in remembrance of a loved one in your life?  Let me transform your family member's leather belts into keepsakes for you and your family.  I will communicate with you directly to create cuffs you and your family will love.   

Here is an example of some memory cuffs ordered by a granddaughter using her grandfathers belts. She had them made for her grandmother, her mother, and herself.


Cuff base price (includes leather cuff with choice of hand stamped metal plate): $27

Stitching embellishments: +$4

Lace or Paint embellishment: +$2

Bulk Order Pricing:

Enjoy 10% off your total purchase when you order 5 or more cuffs. (Excludes shipping)

Enjoy 15% off your total purchase when you order 10 or more cuffs. (Excludes shipping)

If you are interested in having memory cuffs made you can reach me via the Contact page. Thank you!