Hi there! I’m April and I’m the girl with a hammer, thrifted belts, some old jewelry, and a keyboard. From stamping your words to sharing mine, and everything in between, I hope you find something you love here. If you came for the jewelry, thank you so much and I pray you leave with much more. God’s always teaching me something and I love sharing that with you. So whether you’re passing through to head to the shop or you want to read more in the blog, Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Our Book

September 12, 2016: I parked the car and stepped out with the book and the flowers in hand.  It’s a hot day so the green carnations I’ve bought are starting to wilt.  Nevertheless, I start out on to the grass steering clear of the other stones as I make my way to his.  I have to catch my breath, like I do every time I come here, as I approach the granite stone etched with his name and a picture of him smiling on my wedding day.  The tears start to fall as I wipe the dirt stained water spots off of his picture and my hand comes to rest on his face.  More tears ...

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