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The Kylie Rowand Foundation "mama" cuffs

Friends…it is no secret that I LOVE what I do! I have been a part of some really awesome stories! Sometimes they make it to my IG feed, but even when they do, the amount of space I have to tell you all about them is so small!  I’m launching a new series where I’ll share some of the stories behind the cuff with you!

August 2016

The Kylie Rowand Foundation was founded by Bree and Luke Rowand after their daughter died from cancer at the age of 2.  One of the events this organization hosts is a movie night for families to relax and enjoy some time together as a family.  I was blessed to be able to make 25 cuffs stamped “mama” for the mothers of these sweet kids. Before packaging up the pretties, my friend and I prayed over all of the cuffs and the ladies who’d wear them.  We prayed for their children and their families. Then we wrote little notes of encouragement from one mama to another and placed them in the packages with the cuffs. We just wanted those women to know they were being loved on and prayed for.  Sometimes knowing you’re not walking through something alone is the greatest blessing of all.


You guys…this was the first time I had ever brought in my friends to help me pray over cuffs.  I’m not gonna lie…it felt weird at first! We cried. We had goosebumps. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had to date and I know without a doubt the Lord’s hand was all over this blessing.  Since then, my family, my friends, and I have prayed over countless cuffs. He uses me and this gift he’s given me to bless others time and time again and I’m so humbled by this! Why me? Why this craft?  I certainly don’t know the answer but as long as He’ll let me, I’ll keep on trying my best to listen and deliver!

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  • I love everything about this blog entry! I will forever cherish my mama cuff that you had made for me! The little fox is absolutely perfect on it! It reminds me of our son who was born sleeping!

    Laura Sigmund

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