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3 Cuffs Every Girl Needs

Hand Stamped Leather Upcycled Jewelry And Cuffs
No. 1. | A Simple Thin Cuff |

This is the cuff you just throw on when you’re headed out the door. It's basic in that it goes well with your every day jeans and t-shirt look, but it can also be worn with those yoga pants and a rockin' pair of statement earrings.  It’s probably in a color that will pair with your wardrobe-- or heck, in a color you just love! I love our thin cuffs because they fit into every wardrobe. I personally stack my thin cuffs with a wider one, or my Apple Watch. 


Hand Stamped Upcycled Leather Jewelry and Meaninful Gifts
No.2 | A Wide Cuff |

The options are really unlimited with a wide cuff! This one may or may not be a neutral color, or stamped with a personal sentiment-- but it works well with everyday wear. We love the stamping possibilities with our wider cuff designs too-- you can get really meaningful and creative with your wording.  Wear one solo, stack with your thin cuff, or throw it on with your other favorite bangles to make more of a statement. We've even had a gal wrap her wedding bouquet with one. I'm telling you, the possibilities are endless!


Hand Stamped Upcycled Leather Cuffs and Jewelry and Meaningful Gifts
No. 3 | A  Fancy Cuff | 

Every cuff girl needs a blinged out cuff. This is the cuff you pull out for special events--you know, when you're feeling good--when you want to take that every day look up just a notch. It may or may not be stamped but it always has a statement piece of jewelry attached to it. We love seeing some of our fancier designs stacked with other vintage bracelets or bangles. Some of our gals have even rocked their bling cuff on their wedding day. This cuff is a must. 

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